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AEG DUK7431110M Built Under Double Oven

AEG DUK7431110M Built Under Double Oven

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Product Description
The DUK431110M double oven from AEG features a 46 litre bottom oven and a 40 litre top oven with an overall energy rating of AA. Achieving even results time after time demands precisely controlled heat, distributed consistently through out your oven. SurroundCook oven's feature advanced fan technology ensuring that every part of your dish is getting exactly the heat it needs, evenly and consistently meaning no more turning dishes half way through cooking. It also heats up faster and allows cooking a 20% lower temperature saving time and energy. The LCD touch-control display puts cooking time,mode and temperature at your fingertips, plus gives you access to pre-programmed recipes, making cooking even easier. An LCD touch-control panel is also featured which puts cooking time, mode and temperature at your fingertips while also giving you access to pre-programmed recipes. The XL Baking Tray is 20% larger than standard, allowing you to produce larger batches of delicious cupcakes all perfectly baked. The DUK431110M also features Heat Activated Catalytic Cleaning, the catalytic lining absorbs grease from the cooking and is activated by heating to 220 C, this oxidises the grease residue and leaves the surface clean.


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